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Benefits of the Pella Product Designer

Benefits of the Pella Product Designer

Here at Pella, we aim to help each homeowner that comes to us for suggestions. Our goal is to leave you entirely thrilled with the finished product and the service you received. From calling our specialists for replacement windows or doors to visiting the nearest showroom, there are many steps that you must take to end with the best finished product.

Renovations can take a lot of time and that’s one thing that everyone seems to lack. That is why we established the Pella Product Designer. This allows busy homeowners on the run to simply and quickly pick a product that will look great in their home.

The Pella Product Designer takes homeowners through each step of the purchasing process, from deciding on the right window series for your home, to grilles and even as far as glass options, assisting you to purchase a great window:

  • Finishes: With both interior and exterior finishes available to evaluate, you can’t go wrong with your choice. For interior options, you can find the ideal color of stain, paint, vinyl, or fiberglass. The same goes for the exterior finish choices, with several beautiful options to choose from. Let the color coordinating continue!
  • Grilles: Grilles add a hint of individuality among replacement windows and with options like removable grilles1 and grilles-between-the-glass2, you can add your own personal flair while keeping your windows easy to clean. Decide if you like the style grilles can add by testing out various wood, fiberglass or vinyl grilles.
  • Between-the-Glass Fashions: The positive about this window feature is that between-the-glass options are not permanent fixtures3. Without any major commitment, you can keep the same style of shade or blinds, or test new colors or styles, depending on your style. To make sure you like the look or style, you can test out fabric shades or blinds on your virtual window. With color options like Pearl, Fresh Air, Bamboo and Spring Green, and the choice between fabric shades and blinds, you can point out the top fit to match your home, without ever visiting a showroom.
  • Wall Color and View: This allows homeowners to choose the interior and exterior colors and views to best match their home. Features like this help homeowners visualize their choices prior to committing to a certain style, color, or feature for their window.
  • Hardware: This next step focuses on the function of your replacement window. Pella offers various hardware styles and finishes to coincide with current trends in your home. Hardware, with finishes like Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Champagne, Bright Brass or Satin Nickel, not only help your window function correctly, but add to your home’s design as well.
  • Trim Styles: With two steps left, you are close to accomplishing your dream replacement window. This step gives you both interior and exterior window trim options that Pella provides. Try out Colonial or Curved trims to find the right fit for the inside and outside of your home.
  • Glass Options: Last but not least, the Pella Product Designer exhibits the various glass options available for your replacement window. Each option explains which climate it is best for, its level of energy efficiency and the UV protection. They may all look alike, but all of Pella’s options offer different benefits to meet your home’s needs.

Once you accomplish your dream design, you can either save your window or even get a free quote from Pella professionals closest to you. The Pella Product Designer allows you to let the hard part get out of the way, now let us help you make your masterpiece come to life by calling us at 781-935-4947, setting up an appointment online, or stopping by the Woburn Pella showroom.

1 Available on Architect Series ® and Pella ProLine® 450 Series windows and patio doors.

2 Grilles-between-the-glass are available on Pella Architect Series and Pella ProLine 450 Series windows and patio doors. Removeable grilles-between-the-glass are available on Pella Designer® Series windows and patio doors.

3 Between-the-glass blinds, shades and grilles are not available on products. Call or visit your local showroom or for more information.

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